Aubrey Wollett – Lighthouse (Official Music Video)

Music video for Lighthouse performed by Aubrey Wollett.
Filmed and produced by Ryan McGibbeny

Thank you to everyone who submitted their lightouse photos! I loved seeing them all! I may do a second video with all of the lighthouse photos. (stay tuned)

Lighthouse (Lyrics)
written by Aubrey Wollett & Erica Sunshine Lee

I see you drifting away , starting fade
we all have those days
sometimes it just takes some time
look hard and you will find that I”m still shinning
through the darkness , through the pain
through the tear drops and the rain

when the waters get rough and the waves too high
when you’re trying to battle the storms of life
when you feel like you’re stranded alone
I will guide you home
when you cannot rely on your compass
Lost your way tired and hopeless
Don’t give up the light will be on
and I will guide you home

I know you’re so overwhelmed
without wind in your sails , even when you fail
don’t forget
there’s so much more
that this life has in store
look for the lighthouse on the shore
through the darkness, through the pain
through tear drops in the rain


even when you can’t see the stars , remember
you’re never too far, no you’re never too far


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