Cemetery Sun – Defeated (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for “Defeated”

Directed by: Adam Dillon

Music production by:
Elliot Polokoff
Matt Scarpelli
Josh Doty

Mixing and mastering:
Elliot Polokoff
This NVR Happened
Rachel Blum


I’ve been living like I’m dying and it makes no sense to you
Cause there’s no sense in fighting for the world we thought we knew
If we were born to lose then tell me what’s there left to prove
I am just like you so can’t you feel it

Tell me how to save me cause I can’t stop the bleeding
I just wanna break free cause I won’t be, no I won’t be defeated

Verse 2:
I’ve been watching everybody justify their selfish needs
Living in the shadows so nobody else can see
If all you wants the truth then why do you lie to yourselves
I am just like you why can’t you see it

Song Meaning
“Defeated” conveys thoughts and feelings of liberation. As much as some may deny it, we are all more similar than we think. We are people searching for meaning and happiness in a world filled with obstacles and pain. You never know how much time you have and it can’t be taken for granted. That said, we hope this song encourages people to keep fighting and find their purpose. Don’t let things that don’t matter bring you down. Don’t be defeated.

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