Deathless – “To The Grave” (Official Music Video)

New for 2024 – “To The Grave” is the lead single from the second full-length Deathless album The Clairvoyant.

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Deathless is:
Connor Mowery – Vocals, Guitar
Jacob Nates – Guitar

Video: Future Phantoscope
Mixed by: Connor Mowery
Mastered by: Jens Bogren / Fascination Street Studios
Music by: Deathless
Lyrics by: Jacob Nates



A voice embedded and unseen
Birthed in my bleakest moments
Haunting dreams as it repeats its miserable mantra

Its chilling voice pulling the strings
Guiding this self destruction
A path to ruin and desolation

I feel the light fade
And the world turns to gray

The warmth leaves the soil
Any harvest is ripped away

Suffocating, choking the roots
Serenity withers

I feel the light fade
And the world turns to gray
The air is so dense
Crushing weight on my chest

Never-ending consternation
Unrepenting trepidation

[Solo: Jacob]

The only promise given
Is to depart and be forgotten
Reduced to decay
A faceless stone settled in the dirt

Let there be darkness
Let there be stillness
Let there be silence
An end to this voice inside

I’ll take it to my grave


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Instagram: http://instagram/deathlessva
Bandcamp: https://deathless.bandcamp.com/

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