Goat Girl – ride around (Official Video)

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I’lll give more than this
We’re just floating on the surface
Tell me stuff I didn’t know
Take back all the undergrowth

The way it goes, I think you’re kinda gross
Me and you, I think we could be close
Let out all there is to hide
I catch a glimmer in your eyes
Run round doing circles all the time
Let’s be messy in the evenings

Shall we go
Ride around
Hit the floor
Dawn is out

Goat Girl
Charles Stooke
Andrew Theobald
Ian Chance
Michelle Charvez-Grant
Isabel Butt
Arabella Lindsay
Sola Akingbola
Charles Bourthoumieux
Diane Mullineaux

Director/Producer/Edit – Luke Kulukundis & Mateo Villanueva Brandt
A Foreign Body Production
Director of Photography – Chaimuki
1st AC – Riley Dunmore
Production Designer – Ciara Reddy
Grade – Mateo Villanueva Brandt
Stylist – Charles Stooke
Catering – Charles Bourthoumieux

#GoatGirl #ridearound #roughtraderecords

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