Jessica Pratt – “Life Is” (Official Video)

Jessica Pratt – “Life Is” (Official Video)
From the album ‘Here in the Pitch,’ out May 3, 2024 on Mexican Summer/City Slang
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Written by Jessica Pratt
Produced by Jessica Pratt and Al Carlson
Additional production by Matt McDermott and Peter Mudge
Mixed and mastered by Al Carlson at Gary’s Electric Studio (Brooklyn, NY)
Cover photography by Nina Gofur
Video directed by Colby Droscher and Jessica Pratt

Performed by:
Jessica Pratt – vocals, guitar
Alex Goldberg – drums
Al Carlson – bass, Mellotron (trumpet, strings), glockenspiel
Matt McDermott – Mellotron (acoustic guitar, horns)
Peter Mudge – Mellotron (acoustic guitar)
Ryley Walker – guitar


Life is, it’s never what you think it’s for
And I can’t seem to set it off
And lately I’ve been insecure
The chances of a lifetime might be hiding their tricks up my sleeve
Used to be the greatest now I see

Time is time and time and time again
And what would you say if you can’t get out of here?
Time is time and time and time again.
To make your escape you’ve captured the captor’s fear.

Cause I can feel my luck has turned it all around
And when you’ve fallen out, get both feet on the ground
The curses you keep won’t follow you now

And so I try to be myself, it’s the same as always I get tricked up
And each and every time it takes me away
I’m often livin’ on just to be outside these walls again, it’s the age of what’s to come and baby you’re on

Time is time and time and time again
Time is time and time and time again

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