John Deng – WHAT IF (Official Music Video)

John Deng – WHAT IF (Official Music Video)

Performed & Composed by: John Deng
Mixed by: John Garcia
Mastered by: Nicholas Di Lorenzo

Production: Kiwi Dragon Production
Directed & Script by: Kai Wise
Co-directed by: John Deng
Director of photography: Kai Wise
Camera assist: Joey Leung, Sterling Xiao, David Cai, Sam Wright
Gaffer: Leo Sun
Lighting assist: Owen Li, Minna Li, Ming LV
Production assist: Emma Yang, Wanxin Qiu, Gatsby Liu, Owen Li, Mike Hsiao
Behind the scene: Sherlly Duan, Bonnie Li
Stylist: Luka Deng
Make up assist: Amy Chen

Special thanks to Dave & Rose at Te Paki Sand dunes, Auckland transport and Screen Auckland for making this video possible.

Instagram: _johndeng
Threads: _johndeng

#johndeng #whatif

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