josh. - KLNW (Official Music Video)

josh. – KLNW (Official Music Video)

– Written/Composed by: Gem Joshua W. Angoy (josh.)
– Mixed and Mastered by: Jeperson Delig (Jepzie)
– Recorded at Creative Calamansi Studio
– Filmed, edited and directed by: Alfie Canizares (Alife Time Pictures)
– Photos by: Rolie Joshua Dolotallas (Huswa Photography)

“Peace won’t take effect without inner-peace.”
Tell a friend and as always, thank you all for the support!❤️

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Raymundo Lanoy
Justine Vincent Lou Villaver
Ma. Nicolette F. Vergara
Ella Marie Calizar
Nichole Piquero
Nanelyn D. Wate
Angoy Family
Rebel At Work
Risman Stylie

Produced by SoulFyah Productions (Beat)

#KLNW #BoholanoRapMusic #BisayaRapSong


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