LPB Poody – Pound Town (Remix) [Official Music Video]

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LPB Poody – POUND TOWN (REMIX) [Official Lyrics]
♪ Take key, ♪
♪fuck these niggas up ♪

♪I’m just turning back around ♪
♪Look ♪
♪Look ♪
♪Look, ♪

♪ I’m out of town ♪
♪Thuggin with my rounds ♪
♪ lil Allen in the feds ♪
♪and he told me to hold it down ♪
♪Where The Opps ♪
♪they never come back out ♪
♪They got a play it safe ♪
♪just don’t get caught out of Bounds ♪

♪Pound town, Just Left pound town.♪

♪I fucked her then I left ♪
♪and she told me to turn back around♪
♪See her when I want to♪
♪ pull up and dick her down♪
♪She want me to be her man,♪
♪ but baby I ain’t the clown♪
♪And they know we the ones♪
♪ not to be fucked with♪
♪Fuck Shit, I Caught Them, Slick Shots, its Still Fuck Jit♪

♪Bitch, I Been On My Grind,♪
♪ I’m Talking Truckfit♪
♪Bitch, you say you know how to do, this and that♪
♪ but can you suck dick? ”No”♪
♪these people don’t understand me♪
♪I went on a trickin spree♪
♪so many hoes in Miami♪
♪”i swear” why he act like that,♪
♪cause girl, he got his way from his daddy♪

♪TSA gave me restrictions♪
♪shit was worse out there in cali♪
♪I ain’t doing no flaging♪
♪No LOLZ You know I ain’t Cappin♪
♪Check, my close friend,♪
♪ my story is gonna tell you what happened♪
♪Post a flick with your bitch,♪
♪she gets so freaky an nasty♪
♪I swear, shorty got that ass ♪
♪that you can hear when she clappin ♪

♪She’s so cute when she wears minks, eat it up and she don’t blink♪
♪“Come on”, she wanna be my main hoe♪
♪but you just a sneakylink♪
♪We cant pop out, with eachother♪
♪ got to be careful when we link♪
♪I love that 613 lil brown skin, that pussy pink ♪
♪She hate when I go missing,.♪
.♪aint seen her in bout a week.♪
♪these bitches, wanna be cuffed♪
♪ like girl quit it, I’m for the streets♪
♪Don’t wake me out my sleep♪
♪ if she hungry, I’ll let her eat♪
♪(Come on) she throw that ass back♪
♪I go to rapping to the beat♪

♪Now we downtown♪
♪just left downtown♪

♪ With My Dogs, Tryin To Take a Bitch Down ♪
♪ Get in That Pussy♪
♪ I Just Pray I Don’t Drown♪
♪ I Shoulda Been a Chef She Making, Macaroni Sounds ♪

♪Pound Town Just Left Pound Town♪
♪pound Town Just Left Pound Town ♪
♪Pound Town Just Left Pound Town♪

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