Ludwig Mausberg - Your Hand In Mine (Official Video)

Ludwig Mausberg – Your Hand In Mine (Official Video)

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Ludwig Mausberg – Hands 12″
The Crate 2023

The song reflects the artists stare in the setting sun after a long DJ Gig at Little Deeper in Golden Pudel Club Hamburg. While smoking a rolled cigarette, his Magma Bag on the left, his ride palm folds without catching a warm hand.
Your Hand In Mine shows the deep desire to talk to a loved one.

The Video by Lars Zimmermann depicts the last day of a crooked cop
who does anything to suit his filthy desires for fast money, gambling and drugs. It’s about a man in law on the verge to oblivion – not only god can save him anymore. Haunted by his wrong doings and misconduct, his fate is soon to be fulfilled

© 2023 Directed By Lars Zimmermann, DOP
Robert Thomann, Graphic Design – Studio, Paul & Toni
Christian Weiss, Crooked Cop
Ludwig Coburger, crime scene photographer
Jan Diekmann, Dealer
Lars Zimmermann, Killer
Thanks to: Viva La Bernie, Simon Schmitt, Felix Schlüter, Cinegate Hamburg


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