Mia Morris – This Time (official music video)

Mia Morris – This Time (official music video)

I love how ska & reggae music makes me feel so I write in those styles often. There is something just flat out fun about those genres especially at bpm’s over 150. I hope you get some of the joy I got from making, This Time, from the song and video. I want to give a very special thank you to my friend Alex for both playing trombone on the song and helping me make the music video. I also enlisted another friend of mine on bass after hearing him play this song for a live show with me shortly after it was written. Garret Arwood is a local bass player, band leader, artist and my kind of pro when it comes to working in Nashville.

I’m 18 years old and I’m a professional musician, songwriter & artist based out of Nashville. I play lots of instruments but the ones that I’m hired to play most often are drums, cajon and bass. I’ve been posting music related videos on YouTube since I was 9 years old and began playing professionally at 14. I’ve always loved music and I’m grateful that it’s also become how I now make a living. This channel started as a combination of my fascination with drums and YouTubers and it’s now turned into a much larger music and music business diary. My goals haven’t changed all that much over the years and stay pretty simple. I’d love to keep making music and hope to keep getting better at it.

Website — https://www.miamorris.com/
Spotify — ujhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/2H62q6PF7z71FxZxACxg7H
TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@miamorrismusic
Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/miamorrismusic/
FB – https://www.facebook.com/miamorrismusic/
TWTR – https://twitter.com/miamorrismusic


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