Nuce - Shine | Official Music Video

Nuce – Shine | Official Music Video

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Nuce – Shine | Official Music Video Credits:

🟣 Beat by @ThatKidGoran
🟣 Filmed by World Trippin Productions:
🟣 Mixed and mastered by @ConvergingSounds
🟣 Lyrics and vocals by Nuce
🟣 Vietsubs translated by Hoai An:


Nuce (Luc Loewen) is a Canadian rap artist based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Since the beginning of his music career in 2019, Nuce has been featured on television, in radio interviews, and several national news articles in both Canada and Vietnam.

Living with Tourette’s syndrome and other mental and physical ailments since a young age, Nuce’s lyrical expression began as a way to filter out his negativity.

Nuce’s vocals are paired with beats from all corners of the genre, with a variety of flows to match. With subject matter reaching from dark and gritty mental anguish, to upbeat summer jam vibes, Nuce provides a fresh listen with a maintained focus on unique and well crafted lyrics.


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