The night prior to writing this, I remember thinking to myself “this was a perfect day.” As comforting as that thought was for a moment, a wave of fear and uncertainty flooded over me immediately after. I thought back to the last time I felt completely at peace, and it was about a year earlier after a month-long trip I had taken to Europe. I remember landing back in California with a whole new hope and outlook on the world, excited to tell my family about my days in these new places I just explored, only to hear a slew of awful news from my dad on the drive back home. Our first trip after stopping at home was to a funeral. My cousin Conrad had died. The following day I visited my uncle Michael in the hospital. His liver was in shambles after years of being an alcoholic, and doctors were uncertain they’d be able to help him ever recover. The next day I visited my grandma in the hospital. She’s simply getting old and sick, and we’re uncertain how long she has to live. It felt like I reached the lowest lows of my life, immediately after reaching my highest high. As superstitious as it may sound, it felt like the universe was balancing itself out. Bringing me back to reality after giving me moments that may have been “too good.” This song is about that new found fear. Being scared to see joy, because of the possibility it may just not be what’s meant for me.

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Big thank you to everyone involved in this project. This includes,

My Production Team :
Producer : Sweaters Beats
Co-Writer : Gianni Taylor
Guitars : Dillan Witherow
Drums : Robert Bruneau
Mixing Engineer : Zach Fogarty
Mastering Engineer : Dale Becker

My Visuals Team :
Director : Michael Smith
Cinematography: Michael Borges
1st AD : Matthew Dulberg
Gaffer : Daniel Mairena-Mendoza
Starring : Presence & Sophie Swiszcz

Ghosts :
Jon Caryl
Zander Jett
Evan Freer
Nikki Peale
Darius Marselis
Viraj Patel
Shaan Chaadva


Management + Label Team :
Manager : David Wilson
Product Manager : Ashley Grohoski
A&R : Tom Gates
A&R : Shaan Chaadva
Digital Marketing : Viraj Patel
Press : Ben Moskow
Press : Claire Reynolds
Analytics : Cian Walsh
Label : Nettwerk Music Group

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