Problematic – Vibin (Official Music Video)

Problematic – Vibin (Official Music Video)

The Official Music Video for “Vibin” By ‘Problematic’

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Beat Produced By: Trunxkz Beatz
Mixed and Mastered By: Adam Lewis
Produced & Directed By: Cindy Nguyen
Director Of Photography: Cindy Nguyen
Cover Art: Adam Sonik Curatolo
Edited & FX By: Adam Sonik Curatolo

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Problematic – Vibin

Verse 1:

I wrestle with my thoughts on the daily uncontrollable
They locked me in a cage but forgot that I’m an animal
Smoke another jay now I’m feeling so incredible
By morning ill wake up mood changed feeling terrible
A loyal girl I need give some good head and great s*x
Hit it from behind then by nine I’m at my apex
I ain’t never stressing when the rent due baby I’m blessed
A bi product of hard work and consistency I think yes
Six figures in my 20’s ill hit seven when I’m thirty
Lashing out for no apparent reason now my vision blurry
You might catch me at your local Walmart searching for some curry
Then get kicked out by the cops cause of the ruckus I’ll be stirring
Like whoah!
I’ll be ballin out control
All I wanna do is grow
With my soldiers you want smoke
Locked and loaded let it blow
There’s no rhyme or reason
Don’t care if I’m appealing
Got goals so big that even Space-X couldn’t dare to reach em’


This that vibe that make you go a little crazy
Everybody going ghost like Patrick Swayze
I got money on my mind know you feel me
If you on that bullsh*t don’t come around me
I’ve been vibing
I’ve been vibing
I don’t need your fake love I’m surviving
I’ve been vibing
I’ve been vibing
Ima weather out the storm I’ll keep fighting

Verse 2:

I’ve been vibin / Psilocybin
Where the time go?! Where my mind went?
My life is dark and gloomy not so exciting
I put my dream into fruition its aligning
I should sign with Nike cause I always stand correct
Get your girl to do pilates then she bouncing on my d**k
No I’m not about to sellout but I’m here to cause a threat
To this industry these rappers know I’m coming for your neck
They sleeping on me recently but I am here to wake em up
Cause people do not listen if it isn’t trending what the f*ck?!
Funny how I’m schooling y’all but I ain’t made a honour role
Thriving off of motivation lately I’ve been on a roll
Ayy! Man this sh*t too easy
Please do not be needy
And when I go on tour
y’all should probably come and see me
Barely do I miss like I’m Curry at the free throw line
Label me whatever but lyrically I’m so inclined

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