“Promise to Live” by Disciple – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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Music video vilmed by Joel Burris on Winter Jam Tour Spectacular 2023.

Promise To Live lyrics
(Psalm 16:11, Isaiah 41:13, Philippians 1:6)

This is where the pain begins
In your violence
A challenge rises
Can you feel this?

One match
One scratch upon the skin
The wound is breaking
The voice is changing
Can you conceal it?

Situation critical
Now you’re searching for a chemical
This is not what you wanted to become

It’s pushing you to the edge
(You’re not where you’ve been)
Now you’re hiding in your old regret
(You’re not what you did)
I need you to know your story’s not done
You gotta believe me

You can’t imagine
Why all this happened
Don’t close your eyes
I vow to hold you
Until you break through
Just swear you’ll stay alive

All your death will be resurrected again
With your hand on my heart
Make me a promise to live

This is where redemption lives
In your surrender, you gotta remember
What the truth is

Situation critical
(You’re not where you’ve been)
Now you’re staring down a miracle
(You’re not what you did)
Step out cause I’m waiting on the waves
You gotta believe me

This is not your downfall
It’s not your curtain call
This is only the start

And I can’t wait to watch you
Let this break and build you
I’m so in love with who you are


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