Rushing Spring – Your Touch (Music Video)

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I miss you

I won’t forget your name

And I won’t forget your taste

Your hair, your eyes cut like a knife

While I’m chasing poignance tonight

Cause life is in your touch

I’m without

Harrowed by the thought

Of being hollowed out by a broken heart

Your lips, your cigarette, your light

While I’m counting streetlights tonight

Cause life is in your touch

I’m without

And you know, you know

I’m just a little bit struck out on hope

Or am I just anxious?

Scroll on my phone

I’m just crawling out of my skin and bones

Girl, I think I’m just staying stuck on you

Echoes in my head of the things that we’d do

When no one was looking

And back then, back then, we didn’t say much

I just kept thinking life is in your touch

I’m without

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