SHADU – Ignite [Official Music Video]

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Singer SHADU presented two bright tracks and surprised her fans

On the traditional release day, on Friday, the star released two English-language works. The artist is convinced that she and her contribution to culture will definitely make itself felt. Her previous English-language works have been highly appreciated by world charts and hit-parades.

«The main thread of my new EP album Perfect hologram is that after the darkest night comes the brightest dawn. And if today you think that there will be no more bright colours in your life, know that the most beautiful emotions and events are still ahead!»,- said SHADU

The new works are titled “Perfect Hologram”, which successfully conveys the singer’s inner world and experiences.

«For creative people, presenting a song is like giving birth to a child. I am happy to create my own, bring it to the masses and, most importantly, give people joy and happiness. The main thing is that I am surrounded by cool people, I am alive and happy. Let everyone find something for themselves in my tracks», – the artist added

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/offi_shadu
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Contact: Aisha Milevskaya https://www.instagram.com/aisha.milevskaya

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