Starlight Eagle - I am grateful (music video)

Starlight Eagle – I am grateful (music video)

A quickie: wrote & recorded the song & made the vid in about half a day, including snacks & tea.
It’s not specifically about the animals, I did not originally write it for them, but the vid brought that aspect to life as well – for me at has multiple meanings.

I had such a lovely day just being grateful for God’s goodness & when I picked up the guitar this happened.

Thank you for listening & I hope that you have been blessed and entertained;
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I write & play SPACE ROCK, which includes a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Expect a little jazz, some Spanish, good rock, ocean & forest music, and also straight forward thanksgiving worship!
Starlight Eagle refers to the constellation of Aquila.
See: Mazzaroth. The stars tell the story of Christ and to Him I give all the glory.
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