The Last Song – Evangeline (Official Music Video)

Official video for Evangeline “The Last Song” from When Demigods Go… EP out May 3rd, 2024
STREAM HERE: https://ffm.to/whendemigodsgo.bio

Written by Evangeline Barrosse
Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed by Max Shrager
Strings | Tim McNally
Drums/ Percussion | Ben Borchers
Bass/ Synths/ Keys | Max Shrager
Vox/ Guitar by Evangeline Barrosse
Cinematography | Jack Stratton

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evanngeliiine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/evangelinewho
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvangelineArtIsGood
Website: http://evangelinewho.com/

I promise after I say this
I’ll stop phrasing how I feel for you,
I know It makes you sad to think
That I’d be doing bad, I blink and it’s
Summer again, bummer since when
Did time become such a fickle friend

Well, maybe
Since you’ve been gone
But I could be wrong
You’re just moving on
Don’t worry this’ll be the last song

A demigod on a long distance phone call
You left and left me with what’s left of me
Now all i am is an effigy
Don’t look, I bet that’s tough to see
Oh its, summer again
How long till when
The gods arrive and this age ends

Well, maybe
No that you’re gone
It took too long
I’m just moving on
Don’t worry this’ll be the last song

Evangeline – The Last Song
#evangeline #thelastsong #whendemigodsgo

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