Third Development – Curious Waves, Official Video by Erin J Coholan

Canadian Multimedia Artist Erin J Coholan partners with Third Development for the production of this music video for “Curious Waves”. The track was released by Third Development in 2021 on their debut album The Thought of Tomorrow with music written and performed by Third Development’s Geoffrey James (Canada) and lyrics written and performed by special guest artist Kintsuku (Manchester U.K.). Curious Waves was Mixed by Sound Engineer Sara Fedi (Tuscany, Italy) and Mastered by Grammy-Winning American Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar (New York, U.S.A.). This video was produced and directed by Erin J Coholan in Collingwood, Ontario Canada. Third Development is truly grateful for Erin’s creative talent as she brings Curious Waves to life on the screen with this captivating journey and mesmerizing cinematography.

About the Video:

Get ready to embark on a visual journey through the kaleidoscope of self-discovery as you immerse into this mesmerizing music video for ‘Curious Waves’. In this, the artists delve deep into the intricate dance of identity, exploring the tension that exists between different versions of oneself. Each persona is portrayed as a distinct entity, chasing elusive dreams or fleeing from haunting shadows, symbolizing the constant struggle for inner balance.

The video opens with reflecting diverse iterations of the main character. The visuals seamlessly transition between these various versions, capturing the relentless pursuit of self-realization.
As the music intensifies, so does the struggle within. Scenes unfold where the different selves are shown engaged in a dynamic chase of one another. Yet, amidst the chaos, a thread of connection weaves them together, illustrating the inescapable link between past, present, and future. The artists convey a powerful message — the more one fights against their own nature, the more entwined they become with the very versions they seek to escape.
In a climactic moment, the artist reaches a pivotal realization — the key to harmony lies not in resistance but in surrender. The visuals transform into a mesmerizing dance, where the different versions of the character begin to move in synchronized harmony.
Through its evocative visuals and stirring soundtrack, ‘Curious Waves’ is not just a music video; it’s an exploration of the profound journey towards becoming the most authentic and complete version of oneself. Surrender to the process, surrender to yourself, and discover the waves of curiosity within.

Erin J Coholan Bio:

Erin J Coholan, a versatile multimedia artist with a BFA in Image Arts from The Toronto Metropolitan University, is a creative force in the visual arts. As a photographer, filmmaker, painter, and arts & culture writer, she exhibits a diverse skill set, blending authenticity and thoughtful composition in her documentary and fine art style. With roots in early artistic exploration using a camcorder and disposable cameras, Erin has consistently nurtured her passion through personal projects and community involvement.
Believing in the power of experimentation, Erin infuses her work with vibrant colors, intuitive self-expression, and natural light across various mediums, maintaining a focus on subtle narratives and honest storytelling. Drawing inspiration from travel, feminism, and film, her work has been featured in platforms like Ryerson Artspace, Maximum Exposure Magazine, Selin Magazine, Rrampt magazine, MOB JOURNAL, and showcased at Trinity Square Video.
In her professional pursuits, Erin showcases expertise in digital programming, arts coordination, arts direction, and curation. With a strong commitment to youth-focused programming and accessibility in the arts, she actively contributes to fostering an inclusive artistic community. Erin’s evolving artistic journey leaves a distinctive mark at the intersection of multimedia arts, cultural exploration, and community engagement, reflecting her dedication to authentic expression and making art accessible to all.

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