VOICE OF GLASS – Circles [Official Music Video]

Voice Of Glass’ official music video for their newest single “Circles”.
Directed and edited by: 0lya Meek.
Filmed in February, 2024, at location in Nevada
Stock footages provided by: Getty Images/iStock
Video Premiere Date: May 3d, 2024

“Circles” music track recorded, mixed and mastered at: Electric Shop Recording Studio, Las Vegas, Nevada
Released on: May 1st, 2024, under Morpheus Songs
Produced by: Voice Of Glass, Andrew Beldy and Andy Beldy Jr.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by: Andrew Beldy and Andy Beldy Jr.

Band Personnel:
Olya Meek – vocals
David Meek – guitars
Andy Beldy Jr. – bass
Anthony Raya – drums

Circles fade to stratosphere
You know you’ll make it if you disappear
Dissipate to atmosphere
No one’ll ever know you were ever here

You were made to dream
It’s not ill-conceived
This world around you
Just can’t perceive
You were born free, you’re made to see
This world around you walks in its sleep

You know you’ll make it if you disappear
Born in dream you may just reappear

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Official Website: https://www.voiceofglass.com
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