Vythess – All You Gotta Be (Official Music Video) ft. Valentino Babat

#Vythess #ValentinoBabat #AllYouGottaBe

Watch the official music video for “All You Gotta Be” by Vythess featuring Valentino Babat

Stream everywhere: https://linktr.ee/vythess

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@ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valentinobabat/

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@TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@valentinobabat?lang=en

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A video by Concrete Rose Visuals https://www.instagram.com/concreterosevisuals

Director: Horea Merce
Scriptwriters: Horea Merce, Vythess
Cinematographer: Horea Merce
Make-up: Paula Dobos
Assistants: Vlad Deto, Vlad Grecan
Editor: Horea Merce
Colorist: Horea Merce

Music & Lyrics: Vythess, Valentino Babat
Production: Denis Postoev
Mix: Dimitar Ganchev
Master: JJ Mastering

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